How do I remove my listing from Nuwber?

To remove a listing from Nuwber, please visit: https://nuwber.co.no/removal/link and enter the URL of the profile page found on Nuwber website and your email address (for verification purposes)

Nuwber aggregates publicly available information from third party sources. Therefore, removing a listing from our directory will not remove your information from its original source and therefore your information might still appear on other directory sites. You may have multiple listings on Nuwber, each of which is identified by a unique URL and must be removed individually. Also, since we continually receive new and updated records, please regularly check Nuwber for additional listings that may appear.

Where do you get your information from?

Nuwber is a privately held company and we are not affiliated with telephone companies. We get our information for people search results in these two ways:

1) Publicly Available Information Sources - this is information that’s available to the public. It includes addresses, street names, cities, states and ZIP codes. Other examples of publicly available information include published phone directories and information published on the Internet, such as publicly available social network profiles.

2) Third-Party Data Suppliers - information from third-party data suppliers originates from a variety of sources. It may include publicly available information, such as phone directories, as well as information from other sources.

Will Nuwber republish profile information after it's removed?

We take steps to block the republication of profile information that’s been removed by a member. However, similar profile information may be published. Here’s why: if you move or change your name, a profile with your new information may appear on Nuwber because we could receive that from Public information or Third Party data suppliers.

You can always remove new profile information that may appear. We encourage you to visit Nuwber regularly to check for newly published information.

How to remove my information from Google search results?

I've removed my info from the people search websites but on the Google search bar my name, number, and address showing up.

Here are the guidelines for removing information from Google.

Please read through the instructions listed there. It is important that you have verified that the websites have removed your information.

If you see search results with outdated content or invalid URLs, you can use the Remove outdated content page.

What we do?

Nuwber makes it easy to reunite with family, old friends and love interests. You can also reconnect with classmates, teammates or former military buddies through simply searching for them by name or old contact information. As a company, we remain committed to helping reunite families and veterans through our community efforts. Find out more at About page